To Shower or not to shower?

When you decide to replace your bathroom, cost is not always the main concern. Space is the most important thing to use effectively. It may not always be possible to have a separate bath and shower. Do you sacrifice the loss of the bath for a state of the art walk in shower? consider your bathing habits, how often do you shower against how often you bathe. The problems start when like us, one likes a shower and the other a bath, and we have a small bathroom! Compromise, easily said, not so easy to come to one. In our case a shower bath was the ideal solution (don't forget they are sided) we chose a keyhole style full length bath. You can get shorter ones but they are not so good if you like to soak away the troubles of the day.

The shower is equally as important , if you live in an older property with lower ceilings and you use a shower bath, if you are taller than average, you may have a problem. As the bath takes the floor height up, you may have to shower with your neck at an angle, so always check the height before you proceed.

Water pressure, that is also something to consider, as you may need a water pump, although not ultra expensive, it is an additional expense to be considered, there is nothing worse that a trickle of cold water in your shower!

Something else to think about, is how to keep the bathroom warm, even in the summer, because as the climate changes, you can not always guarantee a higher temperature in the summer months. A towel rail is a good idea, because then you can always have a warm, dry towel and it doesn't matter if that is after a bath or shower! and the rail will take the chill off the room without making it to hot. It would be a good idea to have this professionally fitted, as DIY, electrics and bathrooms are not a good mix!.

If you have a large bathroom, the sky is the limit! you can have a bath, shower cubicle lots of storage, and that is were you do have to consider the bank balance! Having checked out the availability of all things bath and shower, the designer end of the range is normally the quirky ultra modern option and that can work out expensive. But, if you are smarter than the average bear, you can shop on line and save a fortune. OK so it will not be as quick as popping down to the local DIY store and loading it into the back of the van, but you will be able to find different, and different is always special, because after all why would you want the same bathroom as your neighbour, and there neighbour, and there neighbour? s

Lets dare to be different, check out our affiliate friends on and design your own bathroom, have fun, and don't forget the tape measure! a bargain bath is only a bargain if it fits!!.